Are Ya Ready For It?

Everything takes time and practice. If you aren’t prepared for something, you aren’t going to succeed. If you want to learn how to do something for example. Be ready for it, learn it, and practice it.

One of my favorite projects this year was the innovation project which my teacher proposed to me. When I began the project, I wanted to promote my passion of ping pong to everyone. I wanted to popularize it. At first, I didn’t plan everything correctly, but everything started flowing into my head. Even though I’m in a culture where ping pong isn’t considered a primary sport nor a secondary sport, I decided it’s worth a try and anything can happen. Traditional sports here are basketball, football, baseball and such, but ping pong has never came close. Though it is really hard to gain interests from other people who most of them have never even played table tennis., but nothing is impossible.

What I did was I created a YouTube instructional video series for this project. Filming the entire thing was a blast. I enjoyed it very much and I felt proud of what I did. Even though my videos got a few views, I would still feel happy because it is just the beginning. When my brother saw the video, he actually made jokes about the video but that didn’t put me down. It actually encouraged and hyped me up even more just to hear him say something about it. The whole process took at least two weeks or so. There were many retakes because I would mess up or giggle during a take.

The reason I play ping pong is that it’s an uncommon sport but also it was passed down from my grandpa to my uncle and then onto me! Every chance I would get, I would play. Also, it is beneficial to people who play because it enhances your reaction time, keep you on your feet, and boost your hand-eye coordination. The reason is because of the tiny white or yellow ball, you have to be really focus and be able to react quick enough to hit the ball or else the ball flies past you like a jet. I learn a lot from this 30-day experience and I will continue to make more of these types of videos. One thing I learned was how to learn to take responsibility to plan everything out. I also have old videos of me playing competitive ping pong in tournaments, but I stopped because I don’t have time to play competitive anymore. This video series will continue!

In order to promote it, I put it on social media.

BRAWL: Fight to the Death!

In my English class, we had a debate called a “BRAWL” which is very serious, but exciting. We would be in groups of four and would create questions based on a book we read called “All Quiet on the Western Front.” Then we would prepare for our side by researching information on our topic to support our claim.

From my experience of the Brawl, I learned so much about it which gave me something to think about in the future. I learn to be more confident in myself and be ready to react to anything. From my perspective, the debates were extremely intense. There were so many opinions and counter arguments. Blows after blows until each side could not go any further. This was a great experience for me because I had to practice my oral presentation skills. Not only was it just a debate, the audience is allowed to come up and push one of the three buttons to explain their own opinions and perspectives. Even the teacher buzzed in! It made the Brawl more exciting and gave it a more interesting aspect to it. I learned how you must be effective in persuading the audience to agree on your point. The more interesting you are, the better the audience will side with you. Also you have to be ready at all times to counter the other team argument. Always stay on task and not get off topic. Sometimes people would contradict themselves. You should speak with a lively tone and confidently to prove your point. In my group, everyone had their own part to do and so did I. For my part, I would point out specific information from the book with quotes to my teammates and helped them developed excellent questions. I added my own answers and thoughts to the questions to help developed a one overall question. I realized that I needed to incorporate more of my oral presentations skills in debates and I would surely do so next time. I will surely learn from my experiences which people do everyday.

My Blogging Experience

Honestly, I can’t believe what is was like to blog for the first time in my life this year! I have never done this type of writing before which kind of astonishes me. I started blogging just for connecting it with what I love doing which is playing sports, video games, and food. Sometimes I would go off topic, but I would learn to experience different things. I would explore my own creativity and imagination. Blogging is an excellent and beneficial type of writing that allows yourself to express your own opinions without any fear of being judged. It is an unique experience that is somewhat like a journal but is open to the public. I learn the importance of expressing your ideas and thoughts rather than keeping it tucked inside your head. I would be able to use this as a tool to open myself up in the future or use it to blog about anything that comes up to mind. Just having an audience reading my writing gave me a sense of pride and happiness.

Through blogging, using my experience of playing sports and expressing my interests has really worked out for me. I was able to publish my every experience and memories on a post. I felt more confident and proud of myself just to see my writing being read and liked.  In the future, I would certainly put deeper thoughts and more creativity. I will sit down and take more time with writing posts and not rushing it through. Also I will try me best to find unique pictures instead of common, boring pictures. For next year’s bloggers, I would say just let yourself become free. Don’t ever feel trapped in your writing. Sometimes go with the flow. Blogging is an unique experience that you will be attached to it forever. There shouldn’t be any changes to it. Everything is in place. I will also remember my blogging experience! Sometimes I would blog here and there. No matter what happens, when people read my blog, they will know it’s produced by me. I will always be proud of my writing and continue to write my blogs more intensely than before. Thank you for introducing me to blogging this year. I am so grateful.

The Learning Curve

For sometime now, I’ve been blogging about how to learn ping pong and basketball. Currently, people that wants to learn something new sometime would not give their best effort. They would either think it is too hard and give up or they would just give no time or dedication. My whole experience can be depicted from this blogger’s post if you want to learn more about how to follow through into a project and not give up. Effort, Dedication, Motivation, and Belief in your self is the key.

The World at My Feet

As an old Chinese proverb goes, “All things are difficult before they are easy.” Yet a lot of people expect proficiency in a new skill without putting in the required hours and hours of work. When they can’t succeed within a short amount of time, many forego their efforts and decide that it is not for them. While it is true that not everyone can be decent at everything, everyone has their own talents that they can cultivate. If everyone gave up at the first sign of failure, there would be no great people. Edison wouldn’t have his light bulb, and Michael Jordan would never have been in Space Jam. Imagine Space Jam without Jordan. You just don’t. If you take a look at all the pinnacles of human achievement, not one came without repeated and devastating failures. It is these failures that helped build the foundation for success.

“If everyone gave up at…

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Play Hard or Go Home

I’ve been watching the playoffs lately and it’s been total excitement. I’m so into it right now. I’m a huge basketball fan. My favorite teams so far is the Golden State Warriors and San Antonio Spurs. They are just so enjoying to watch and they always put on a show each game. Right now I’ve been watching many teams battling it out to see who would advance to the next round. So far many of the team are being swept or losing badly. Some are already out of the playoffs. Warriors and Pelicans 4-0, Washington and Toronto 4-0. Other team need to step up or they will lose their chance to make it to the finals and win the championship. Right now I’m rooting for the Spurs and it doesn’t look to easy for them. I have been noticing how they are lacking the willpower and burst of synergy with their teammates. If they want to win back to back championship they need to step up and play with everything they got. Other team are sweeping their opponents and right now Spurs are into game 6! It’s a very close series and one mistake can cost you everything. I think that they should rethink their strategy and keep on putting every effort into each game or else they will go home. Each player must   contribute to every point and work well with each other. They need to be burst with synergy and chemistry like in the old days. I know that the Spurs is an experience team with dedication and commitment. They just need to realize that and play hard or go home that it. In my opinion, every player has a role and they need to use it. Everyone has a part to play and if you don’t go out there and go with everything you got then you will go home.

In the end, no matter how well you did back then you got to play hard with everything you got. If your team is on the line, you got to play your best and win. Or else the result will be you going home. So you have to PLAY HARD OR GO HOME! How hard and well you play will rub off on your team mates which determines whether you win or lose. Remember if you want to win you got to step up and play your hardest no matter what the cost.

My First Ping Pong Tournament

I’m a really athletic, sporty person who is very competitive since I was a kid. During my years of growing up, I got into ping pong from watching my grandpa and uncle. They looked so good at it which inspired my to play table tennis. My uncle told me if I wanted to play, I should first be able to bounce the ball on my racket and not let it drop to the ground. Slowly I got better and better and next thing i knew, I was able to bounce the ball 100 times! Holy Cow! I was really psyched, but i wasn’t aware how it was going to get tougher. My uncle decided not to train me and signed me up for ping pong training. My coach was a tall, white friendly man who knew what he was doing. After weeks of practicing, I felt that I was getting stronger in my play. I was taught all the basics and fundamentals. I even had my own rival who was extremely competitive and hard working just like me. Although we were at the same level, we wanted to surpass each other every day. We would challenge each other and see who would win. We both strive to be the best. One day, my coach and uncle felt I should play in a tournament. I was totally on board. As I was on my way to the tournament, I felt so nervous and shy. I kept thinking in my head I was going to lose in the first round and feel embarrassed. As my first match came up, I slowly served and the other kid couldn’t handle it. He was shocked on how tough my hit was. I felt so confident at that point and started winning many points which soon came to a victory. I shook the kid’s hand afterwards. After that first match, I gained lots of confidence and I thought to myself maybe I can win this thing. I kept winning matches and matches until I was in the finals! I was so pumped up. My uncle was so proud of me and said that I should not lose my focus. The first game was pretty weird. The opponent and I were testing each others’ skill. When I lost the first game, I realized how tough he was. I told myself i could do this. I pumped myself with a hoorah! I served with great speed and after he pushed the ball back, I attacked with great force and spin. The guy practically was in shock and sweat. In the end, I won my first tournament and felt so proud of myself. I even got a big trophy and medal. After that day, I soon realized ping pong was what i wanted play forever. Hard work, confidence, and optimism overcomes all and will help you succeed.

Change Up Your Game

Have you ever wondered why you keep losing your basketball games? Most of the time it’s because you don’t actually know what you did wrong. You’re not watching the way you play. People that watch you can see your mistakes. If you feel there is something wrong with the way you play, change it. In my opinion, you should always fix what you did incorrectly and improve on it. I believe you should always critique your own play. If you miss a shot or fail a point see tell your self what did you do wrong. Or you can use a different style or tactic that you don’t normally use. For example, if you are playing basketball and you are struggling with your shooting then improve on it or change the way you shoot like use a different arch. Change your motion or follow through and more power. If that doesn’t work, then play a different role. Be a passer or a rebounder. There are endless possibilities on how you can change your game. If you are playing ping pong then you have to change your style. You got to use your brain and mental toughness. Strategize. If the other person is really good at blocking your shots, then make him attack first. It will give you a better chance to win and there will likely be a high chance he will either miss the shot or hit the ball into the net. It’s really simple! From my past experience, there was a time when I was playing ping pong and was down 2 games. At break time, I sat down and told myself what am I doing wrong? What should I do? I thought about how my opponent played and realized how most of my points came from his backhand. I knew from there that his backhand was very weak and inconsistent. So I decided to alter my shots to his backhand on every shot. I came back and won the whole match! You just need to  observe how the other opponent plays and if your style or game plan doesn’t work change it. Try something new and focus on your strengths and the other

opponent weaknesses. Alter from offense to defense or from defense to offense.  Remember that failure can always lead to success. You just need to know when it’s the right time to change it up.

Why You Should Play Ping Pong

Ping Pong has always been an underrated sport, but I think it’s an excellent sport and has its benefits. To me, table tennis is extremely entertaining and enjoyable. It’s my favorite sport that I practice hard everyday. Everyone can play it no matter what age or size. To this day table tennis is pretty much popular but not considered a manly sport. Just about everyone has played it at one time. Continue reading

Lies, Deceits, and Backstabs

 I am such a huge fan of the show The Walking Dead! This is the one show that I keep watching over and over again, seasons after seasons. It’s the bomb. This show has made me be addicted to it. It’s like a drug. One scene that really stood out was when Rick’s best friend Shane tried to back stab him but failed which resulted in his own death rather than Rick’s death. This scene reminded me what happened to Julius Caesar, both of which is closely similar. Continue reading